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For the cabinet manufacturer, owner Steve Littleton, finding work even in a down economy, is not problematic.

“I make more money accidentally than most people do purposely,” says Littleton. “That’s one of my sayings. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I don’t have a sales force. Treating people right and making good deals are what I call good advertising. As a result, I have a strong customer base and their word of mouth has been beneficial.”

Littleton started Able in 1998 after getting out of the microchip industry. The Phoenix-based company manufactures cabinets and countertops in its 10,000-square-foot facility for mostly regional clientele, including offices of Bank of America, Planned Parenthood, Lasix and the State of Arizona.“We do plastic laminate cabinetry and solid surface countertops for commercial and residential applications,” Littleton says. “We don’t do face-frame cabinets. All of our cabinets are European 32mm dowel construction.”

Littleton cites Able’s commitment to excellence as a key ingredient in the company’s success. Everything from building cabinets, to buying new equipment and materials, to hiring new employees, is done with this in mind.

“I’m a little fanatical,” says Littleton. “I believe in quality. People have cost way out of perspective. How can you afford not to have the best? That’s my philosophy. We’re all human, but if you have the best people, the best materials and the best tooling, it minimizes the errors and mistakes. We build a premium product, with premium materials, using premium labor and premium tools.”

Littleton’s philosophy is evident in the construction of Able’s cabinets. He says that even though it might cost a little more to build them, he will not cut corners anywhere. “Our cabinetry is built to AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute) Premium specifications,” says Littleton. “Most people have 1/4-inch backs on their cabinets. Ours is a full 3/4 inch. No matter what cabinet it is, every cabinet that leaves here has a 3/4-inch back that is dadoed, glued and pocket screwed. The job is important to me. If we don’t do something right, we discard it and build it again.”

Mean Machines

Having quality equipment can become costly, but Littleton practices patience in regards to the company’s equipment purchases. “I don’t like financing, I prefer cash purchases,” he says. “I’ll do without and just work harder until I can afford it.”

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